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  1. My attorney works at a law firm.They have multiple attorneys in the same area. For I-539 form they filled for my Spouse, for the field "NAME OF THE ATTORNEY OR ACCREDITED REPRESENTATIVE", they have three names: .....Family name: Doe/Smith/Robinson..... .....Given name: John/Mark/Taylor..... When they filed my H-1B, they stuck out the other two names, through which the name of the attorney representing my case was easily understood. ex: John Doe was the only name not striked out. For this application, they forgot to do so and there are 3 names in the application, but only one signature at the end. I wanted to know if this will cause any denials in accepting the H-4 Application. This is a bit time sensitive as we have already submitted the application. Any advice is very much appreciated.
  2. Hello, How did your visa stamping go? Did you face any issues? Thanks, NTDK.
  3. NTDK

    H1B LCA address Issue

    Hello, What happened later on? Did they file for the amendment? thanks, NTDK.