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  1. Hello, Wishing you all A Very Happy New Year! L1A Visa Expiry: 29-Aug-19 L2A Visa Expiry: 29-Aug-19 L2A traveling to India in May-19 and returning on 24-Jul-19. L1A is not traveling and will be in USA. Planning to file L1A & L2A Visa extension by month of Mar-19 or sooner. 1) If fortunate, will get the extension decision before L2A travel to India and L2A can get approved visa extension stamped using Drop Box option. 2) Suppose Extension results won’t get until L2A travel in May-19. In this case, will L2A extension processing continue because of no presence in USA or extension will get cancelled? In this case, suppose extension result would get while L2A is in India, can L2A get visa approved extension stamped using Drop Box option? 3) Suppose won’t get extension result before L2A travel back to USA on 24-Jul-19 but entering USA with valid visa currently stamped until 29-Aug-19. Will there be any issues at POE as extension will be in process but still has earlier stamped visa validity but only for a month time. What are the important documents L2A should carry? Any idea approximately how much time now a days it takes to get L1A extension results in regular processing? Any suggestions if I should file extension in Mar-19 and take the risk ? OR File an extension post L2A returns back to USA on 24-Jul-19 on current stamped visa until 29-Aug-19. Appriciate your valuable and expert suggestions so that to decide upon travel as well as extension of my dependents. Thank You!