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  1. I was laid off from my last job with company A (EC model) on 03/11/2019 (was informed about it on 01/11/2019). I was paid regular pay till 03/11/2019 after that one lump sum severance. I had a petition filed by employer B (EVC model) on 3/8/2019 but they wouldn't agree on me starting a bit late (because one of my parents was critically ill). Then I had employer C file for a transfer on 3/28/2019, converted to PP end of April. I started working for a employer C (EVC model) on H1B receipt from 05/06/2019 at client site (a major Wall St Bank). Employer C received an RFE and responded to it on 08/01/2019. USCIS denied it on 08/15/2019. We still don't have a hard copy of the denial. My I-94 (from approved petition with employer A) is valid till Jan 2020. I have a B.Tech is Electronic from India , 13 YOE in Software Application Development and H1B Wage level is 4 (> $137k per year) in NYC. I-140 approved from 2014. Been in the US since 2008, no RFE/denials on any of the previous petitions. Have a Visitor visa for US and Canada. First H1B was thru lottery (since I don't have masters didn't request a cap exempt) Question: 1. What were your options after the denial? Does is help that my I-94 from the previously approved H1B petition ( by previous employer ) is still valid for a few more months? 2. Do I stop working at the client location effective immediately ( after receiving email notification) ? or when we receive the full documentation of denial from USCIS ? 3. Can I start working again with my employer C at client location if Employer C refiles the H1B petition on receipt or do I have to wait for the approval now ? 4. Since my I-94 is still valid I am assuming I don't have to leave the country right away, am I right ?
  2. Say an employee is laid of on Jan 1st 2019 without any prior notice as in they are relieved of all duties and responsibilities and don't need to come to work starting Jan 1st 2019 aka "Last day of active employment" or "Last Day at Work" but the "Employment Termination Date" is March 1st 2019 and the employee's payroll will run till then. Does the 60 days grace period for the visa holder start from Jan 1st 2019 or March 1st 2019 ?
  3. H1B New

    60 Days Starts from ?

    Even if the "Termination Date" stated on the official Separation documentation is the Last day till which the pay roll will run ?