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  1. Hello, I was caught for a shoplifting case about 2 years ago for the value of $46 which comes under disorderly person offence in my state. I really don't have intention to take them without paying but it was just happened because I am dealing with some other things at that time but no one trusted me at that time. I was a student with F1 visa at that time, One of the store staff caught me doing shoplifting and called cops. Police didn't arrest me at the time of the incident but they took all the details of mine and sent papers to my home address that I provided to police. I hired a Criminal defense lawyer to represent me in Municipal court and eventually my case resulted as "Conditional Dismissal" and Plea is "No Plea taken” after I competed my 1 year probation period. I got final disposition letter from court and also case has been expunged. Here is my problem, I am planning to travel to India soon. I have to go for my VISA stamping in india and this is my first time crossing country after the incident happened. I would like to know how my case effects my upcoming VISA stamping and reentry to USA (During port of entry). What kind of docuemts I need to carry and what are my chances of getting my visa stamping done and coming back to USA safely. Currently I have below documents handy about my case: 1. Final disposition of case with "Conditional Dismissal" and Plea is "No Plea taken". 2. Approved expungement certified copy from Judge. 3. Letter from attorney saying that charges have been resolved and that there is no need to worry about any crime of moral turpitude, or otherwise. are those three documents should be sufficient for your travel? Please throw somelight on my situation, I was so depressed about my current situation because my india trip is on edge. Thanks in advance!
  2. ok, thanks for info. Do you think single petty theft conviction bar me to get successful h1 stamping?
  3. Thanks for the response. Yes, I have contacted immigration attorney and he is preparing letter on behalf of be about scenario. What is the possibility that my case will bar me from successful h1 stamping?
  4. raj12399

    H1B stamping with arrest record

    Hi, Congrats on successful stamping. I am on same situation and planning to go for visa stamping soon. Can you ping me more details about your case like, How was your case dismissed. Thanks.
  5. Hi, did you you hear anything back? What was the outcome?
  6. Hi, i am in in similar situation, charged for misdemeanor falls under petty offense exception and planning to go for h1 stamping. Can you please your visa experience for stamping.
  7. Hi, I got citation from police at the time of incident but not arrested also fingerprinted in municipal court during case process. Do you think 1 charge though dismissed (conditional dismissal) bar me to get visa stamping done. Thanks
  8. raj12399

    H1b Stamping with Arrest Record

    Hello, I don't think there will be any issue after stamping. What is your misdemeanor is for?
  9. Hello, I am also in same boat, Can you please share your VISA experience if your VISA stamping is done.