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  1. Hi Murthy team, Would you please help and provide your suggestions on my queries?
  2. My parents visited me on 17-Feb-2020 and were planned to travel back to India on 25-Jun-2020. But due to pandemic, their flight got suspended and since then I am struggling to get tickets for them but no luck. Their I-94 expiry date is 16-Aug-2020, which is very close hence we have submitted I-539 for both of them and have got 2 receipt notices as well, one for each. Question: Everything looks normal with my Fatther's USCIS account. His case number is valid and we see a confirmation that they have received the case but its not the case with my Mother's USCIS account. We are seeing an error stating "We are facing issue while getting the current status of your case" and her receipt number if throwing the similar error while used on https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/mycasestatus.do portal. What's your suggestion or opinion on this? Is this normal? What further action I should take, if any? Or just wait to get it addressed?
  3. Hi Team, My parents has traveled to USA in FEB-2020 and planning to return towards the end of JUN-2020. But it seems unsafe to travel back to India, due to COVID-19 pandemic. Is there a way to extend their B1/B2 VISA while they are here in USA? If yes, would you please help and share steps I can follow to get it done? Thanks, Jitendra Nayi
  4. Hi Team, I have a valid H1B VISA Stamp with valid H1B approval notice, I-797, and valid I-94 till Oct 2020 and planning India trip from 10-Jan-2019 to 25-Jan-2019. Would government shutdown impact me in any ways? Also, Do I need to consider anything else apart from ticket booking and carrying valid VISA documents with me? Early response is much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Regards, Jit102