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  1. man_1975

    Naturalization Eligibility - Continuous residency

    Thank you, JoeF, for your reply. All my trips are temporary in nature, and I have a permanent address in the USA for the entire five years of period. My question is, between my two trips, Feb2022 - Aug-2022 and Dec2022-May2023, there is only a four-month period I would stay in the USA. I will stay less than six months between these two trips in the USA. Does it trigger any problem for the continuous residency requirement perspective?
  2. Hello Expert, I have questions about Continues Residency requirement. I came to the USA in April 2019 with a family-based green card. I went to India in Sep 2020 for 5.5 months and back to the USA in March 2021. Now I plan to go to India in mid of Feb 2022 and come back in Aug 2022 ( about 5.5 months). I also plan to go to India in Dec 2022 and come back to the USA in May 2022 ( about 5.5 months). So far, I don't have any other plan to go to India until I am eligible for filing citizenship and receive citizenship. Continues Residency requirement says that we should not travel more than six months ( 180 days ) outside the USA. Do you see any issue with two-time travel from the USA to India in 2022 ( each trip is about 5.5 months)? My stay in the USA for 2022 would be cumulative for about 5.5 months. Is there any problem with the continuous residency requirement perspective? Regards
  3. man_1975

    DS160 form help

    Hi sgmf, I was in same situation and I had given answers as follows. 1 - No 2- YES Visa officer checked about these questions and asked me few question about my previous visa interview. Check with you lawyer for clarification about questions.
  4. H1b Extension California service Center Receipt Date: 09/07/2012 Regular Process Approved on 12/28/2012
  5. H 1 B extn applied in 09/07/2012 to CSC Approved 12/28/2012 Regular processing
  6. Type - H1B extension Center - California Receipt Date - 6th September, 2012 Current status: Initial review Type - H4 extension Center - California Receipt Date - 6th September, 2012 Current status: Initial review
  7. H1B Extension - Regular Processing - California Service Center Receipt Date: 09/07/2012 Status : Initial Review
  8. Hi Srujan, Sorry for hear about your case. 1. I know that my H1 can be transferred now. But if USCIS comes up with rejection after 221g, can I be able to go for H1 Transfer? -> You can either go for new H1B or transfer current H1B. Your H1B attorney gives you best answer for you as he knows about your case. 2. Do I have an option of going to Chennai consulate other than hyd , once after getting my new H1 with EC model?? -> You can go at any consulate in India for visa interview for H1B/H4 visa.
  9. man_1975

    H1B Stamping at Delhi Consulate

    Best of Luck Guys. H1B 5th year extension, I-140 approved. I had EC model with reputed client. I appeared Delhi US Embassy for Visa interview on July 2011 as Mumbai consulate was close for H1B at that time. I received 221G from Delhi US Embassy. After two months, I received visa refusal letter. My employer file new H1B petition with different client (EC model), I appeared in visa interview at Mumbai consulate on Dec 2011. Again I got 221G and this time reason was First time my visa got refused and they want to do review. At last I got my visa on ARP 2012.
  10. man_1975

    Mumbai - Case StatusTracker

    My CEAC number does not appear on list.
  11. man_1975

    Mumbai - Case StatusTracker

    Visa officer did not asked much question.she asked only one question where is your manager works? she was the same visa offer who took my visa interview before. so she just asked my passport.
  12. man_1975

    Mumbai - Case StatusTracker

    H1B extension - EC model visa interview : 12-12-2011 221G blue - Mumbai consulate doc submitted - 23-12-2011 email received to reappear for visa interview - 20-04-2012 Second Visa Interview - 26-04-2012 - Visa Approved I hope everybody will get visa soon.
  13. I , my wife and son went to VISA interview on 12-12-2011 and received 221G blue form with documents about me, my employer and My client project , contract to submit VFS. I submitted all documents on 23-DEC-2012. Mean time they contacted my employer, my client and requested some form to fill and send to USCIS. I have received mail on 20-APR-2012 and asking me to visit us consulate Mumbai again for visa interview along with all documents Model – EC If anybody has the same experience, could you please let us know what question they asked in second interview ? why they aks me to come for second interview ?
  14. man_1975

    Mumbai - Case StatusTracker

    Hi ashukla, I was refering this blog about your interview and 221G and found that you have received 221G white form. You had submitted documents to VFS. I found new things from following Mumbai consulate link. Who ever received white 221G form from mumbai consulate, they have to go consulate for visa interview again and further visa processing.please refere following link for 221G white form. Does visa office told you to submit documents to VFS ? http://mumbai.usconsulate.gov/221g-administrative-processing.html
  15. man_1975

    Mumbai - Case StatusTracker

    rsriyans, Congrats. Thanks for your case status update. All the best.
  16. man_1975

    Mumbai - Case StatusTracker

    No update from my side too... Interview date : 12-DEC-2011 221G blue - Employer and client side docs Doc subminted : 23-DEC-2011 Client contacted by USCIS/DOS and submited required docs by client : 27-JAN-2012 Model : EC Mantmo and Everyone Has USCIS/DOS contacted your client ?
  17. man_1975

    Mumbai - Case StatusTracker

    Hi Sriyans Congratulation. Very positive sing. Does your CEAC barcode number appear on online 221G list ?
  18. man_1975

    Mumbai - Case StatusTracker

    I did not find any 221G blue from Mumbai consulate whose admin process completed and got visa. There are lots of people from 221G white/yellow – Mumbai consulate whose admin process completed and received VISA. Has anyone received visa after 221G blue from Mumbai consulate ?
  19. man_1975

    221g-Remotely working from India

    @nvijay, It is legal to generate US payroll while a person is in India untill your receive revocation your petition from USCIS. during the review/NOR of your petition by USCIS you can legaly work on your petionar compnay even if you are not in US.
  20. man_1975

    Is there a way to Track Mumbai 221G Blue Slip

    I have got 221G blue form on 12-12-2011 at mumbai consulte and submited documents on 23-11-2011. Since I am waiting. Is there any way to track 221G. Has any blue form from mumbai consulate get through 221G blue and received h1b visa ?
  21. man_1975

    Mumbai - Case StatusTracker

    @Ashukla, Very sad to hear about your case. Which model are you in. Had your client contacted?
  22. @rick131 If your employer refiled new H1B petition then you have to take new appointment for visa application. If your old h1b petition reafirm then just call VFS with your detail and they will ask you to come in interview without any appointment.
  23. man_1975

    Urgent advice needed.

    Your priority date is current. Getting visa with EVC model in India is very risky.
  24. I have EC model. Direct cleint of my employer.