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  1. I am on H1B visa that is valid till mid 2021 and am planning to continue working with my current employer on H1B. I plan to maintain my H1B status. I've never accrued any illegal presence in US. After I got my H1B visa stamped and entered on H1B this year, I applied for green card in the F2A category (my spouse is a permanent resident). I have filed I130, I485, I765 and I131, all of which are accepted (I got a receipt notice), but are pending. If I travel this year for about 2 weeks on H1B, before any of the applications are approved, will I abandon any of the applications, specifically I485 and I131? Can I refile I131 after re-entering on H1B?
  2. I am married to an LPR. I am currently in US on an H1B visa. I filed I130 in January 2019. I got the receipt notice but the I130 is still pending (not approved). The upcoming visa bulletin for June 2019 shows that priority date for visa filing for F2A is March 2019. Can I file I485, I765 and I131 in June even if the I130 is pending?
  3. I am in the same situation. Can I also file I-765 and I-131 along with I-485 in June?
  4. I am applying for a greencard in F2A category (spouse of LPR). I am currently in US on H1B visa. Due to the long wait times and some uncertainties, I prefer to apply for consular processing. If I am still in the US when it is possible to adjust status, can I adjust status and apply for EAD instead of pursuing consular processing? If yes, how may I do that?
  5. I am applying for a family based green card in F2A category (spouse of LPR). We had a civil marriage in US, and had religious wedding ceremonies later in India. Is this an issue when applying for a marriage based green card? How should we explain this situation in the I130 petition and later?