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  1. Thanks for your timely reply. No paycheck is issued currently will that be an issue in future as the employer mentioned that he got the notification on Dec 26th only. Should i ask him to issue the pay for that period?
  2. Hi All, I have H1b picked up in 2018 lottery and approved as COS (from H4 to H1b) recently on Dec 10 till Dec 31st (approved for 21 days) with I-94 till jan 9th and my company informed on Dec 27th. I'm planning to change from h1 to h4 as i did not have time for h1 extension? Please suggest me the options. NOTE: I have H4 stamping valid till Dec 2019. 1. My employer suggested to exit and re-enter USA. If i do this do i need to exit to only home country or any other suggestions 2. As i have h4 stamping valid till Dec '19 do i need to raise any new h4 request or any thing or i can come back and just enter USA? 3. Do i need to wait in the home country for any period of time before entering USA? 4. Any additional documentation do i need to carry and what kind of questions they may ask at the port of entry? Please suggest me on this Urgent. Thanks!!