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  1. neelibhim

    H1 B Amendment Approval

    Hi, I got my H1 B Amendment Approval till Sep 30th 2019, My H1 B for Six years will end by this Sep 30th 2019. I would like to travel to India and get Visa Stamping. I never got Visa Stamping on my Passport in these six years. Is this is the good time to go to India for visa stamping with this short Period of Amendment Approval? I'm scared to go to India for Visa Stamping now. My I-140 is approved, my next visa ext will be filed in August 2019 with my I-140 Docs. Please do suggest me, Can I travel to India now with this short period of Amendment Approval.
  2. neelibhim

    H1 B RFE

    Hi, I got my H1 B Amendment RFE, USCIS sent 10 pages asking for proof's. Of course Client and vendor letters, Education Qualification Proof, Employer and Employee proofs. I'm so scared and worried. I would like to go for Premium on Feb 19th 2019 including my valid proofs of documents to clear my RFE. I'm planning to go India, I want to clear this RFE as soon as possible with the premium process. so is it good to do the premium process to clear rfe. what are major challenges I have to face, please suggest.
  3. neelibhim

    Visiting Visa on Old Passport

    HI, My Mom got Visiting Visa on 2014, since then she never visited USA till now, This Year around April 2019, my mom wants to come to USA, now she have Valid Visiting Visa on Old Passport but old passport is expired. She recently renewal her passport and got new one . can she visit USA with the visa on old passport or she have to go stamping again on new passport ? It is OK to travel with valid visa on old passport and with new passport? Please help me.
  4. After I got my H1B visa in Oct 2013, I didn't went to India till now for stamping, now I'm planning to India in Feb'2019 end week or March'2019 Mid week Current project I joined in June 2018 now it extended to Dec'2019, My I-140 is approved. I think this is the right time to go to India now. since I have project in my hands for full year. Applied Amendment petition when I joined in this project in June'2018, till now not yet heard anything from USCIS about my amendment, can I travel with receipt amendment. Recently in OCT'2018, USCIS officer visited my client place to make sure I'm really working at client place or not, submitted all docs that she asked. Till now not yet here any update on my I-797 approval. suggestions please, what are the documents required ? Is it safe to travel now ? where can I find visa slots? Please help me .......