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  1. I’m also stuck in administrative processing since my visa interview on December 12th at New Delhi. H1B, came to India after 7.5 years. Last status update December 18th. Was given yellow slip.
  2. BdA

    5535 for H4

    Anyone with 221(g) for DS 5535 to 16 yo son on H4? Happened to us recently at New Delhi. No criminal history, no travel to banned countries ever, last visa stamped in Delhi in 2011 without any issues. Father got H1B stamped without any issues. VO said travel history did not match father’s to which he replied that the child had always travelled with mother. VO gave the form still. Son said he first came to US in 2007 instead of the accurate 2006. Could this have been the reason? Schools have opened and son has had a strong academic record. We all are suffering, cannot leave son here. There’s no timeline for 5535. Scared that son may have to drop out. Passport with embassy. They advised to deposit it. Please advise. Thank you.
  3. Our 16 yo son on H4 was placed on administrative processing at New Delhi and he was issued DS-5535 ( sent to his dad via email to complete). My husband who accompanied him got his H1B stamped without an issue. Son’s H4 valid till 2021, no criminal history. VO asked husband that his travel history did not match with his father, husband said that’s because he travelled with only his mother. Still got this extreme vetting form. Son erroneously told VO that he came to US in 2007 instead of 2006. Is that the reason? We only came to India once in 2011. More than 2 weeks have passed, schools have opened. Very stressful situation for our family. Cannot go back till son is cleared. Can anyone help or guide?