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  1. Minir

    H1b changing roles and title

    Thanks Can I stil use my old priority date?
  2. I have i140 approved for developer will it work if I chnage the Role to QA or Scrum Master? Thanks!!
  3. Minir

    H1B transfer Denied

    My employer says I can stay here until my i94 is valid until sept 2020.. regardless of previous h1b revoked by employer A.. Any suggestions?
  4. Minir

    H1B transfer Denied

    @JoeF Thank you!!
  5. Minir

    H1 Transfer Denied

    @Memon Same situation here.. Did your lawyer suggested anything please share?
  6. Minir

    H1B transfer Denied

    Transfer is for FTE. There is no consulting with either company A or B. Also I have visa stamping for old employer H1B until 2020 is it possible to come back on old visa once my h1B with employer B gets approved. Thanks!!
  7. Can my employer again file for new H1b ? While he does application i leave the country. I have a visa stamping until 2020 from my old employer .Can i come back using that valid visa and show my new approved i797 with the current employer at port of entry is this possible? Thanks !! urgent please help suggestions?
  8. Minir

    H1B transfer Denied

    Moved from company A to B on receipt. Company A revoked my h1b and i-94 is valid until 2020 I do have visa stamping for company A until oct 2020 .I also have i140 approved form employer A. A lawyer told me if my h1 transfer is denied and have i140 approved i have 60 days of grace period . is that true? I am waiting on official notice from my employer for denial reason. What are my options? Can the same employer B reapply? while they apply can i stay here? with pp processing around 3 weeks? Can the employer A apply for me.? while they apply can i stay here? is there any way i can stay legally ? after denial
  9. My employer applied transfer OCT 1st 2018 got RFE Replied back Feb 5th 2019 .My question here is May 5th, 2018 actual date of application is what they are processing? when should i get my decsion if i apply for premium processing will it affect in any ways? Below are the application processing dates. 9 Months to 12 Months H-1B - Specialty occupation - Change of status in the U.S. May 05, 2018 I would also like to know if h1 transfer if anybody got any approval recently..which month did they apply and got RFE or not. Thanks!!
  10. Minir

    H1 Transfer RFE

    okay sounds good.Thanks for the reply.I am not sure about exact RFE. They did not share with me .Just told they might need to change the job duties. I was wondering about the success rates of such kind of RFE. Thanks again.
  11. Minir

    H1 Transfer RFE

    Old - Application web developer and New - Application System analyst/programmer
  12. Minir

    H1 Transfer RFE

    I got RFE for my change in Title. I moved from company A to company B .My company B files the h1b transfer with different title . Does the title have to match with my previous i140 app title? What are my best options not to get denial. Thanks!! And if it gets denied how much time Do i have? to find another job or file diff status.