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  1. Hi there,  Thanks in advance for your response. 


    My 6Yrs on H1b is completing in Feb 2019. My I140 was approved 3 months ago (Less than 6Months). 

    I want to change the employer but I have some questions.

    1. Is it required to stay with the current employer for 180 Days after I140 approved (Pls note that my 6yrs completing is in Feb 2019)
    2. First of all, with the above criteria, can I transfer my H1b to Company B. 
    3. If Yes, After joining the new company, what will happen if my current employer withdraw the I140 (Because it was approved 3 months ago only and my H1 6Yrs would be completed by that time). So It would be like I am working on H1 after 6Yrs without having Active I140 and withdrawn I140 was approved 3 months ago only


  2. 18 hours ago, JoeF said:

    She can study just fine on H4. Depending on the state, she may also be eligible for in-state tuition with the H4.

    Can you pls describe,  what is depending on the state and in-state tution? Sorry I am new to this so just catching up on these. 

  3. Thank You for your response.

    But since I am doing the documentation and interview slots along with the Invitation letter from my side, USCIS considers I am applying their B2 and inviting them?

    If I understand correctly, whatever the case My H1 Extn In Progress status, will not impact the B2 Processing? Please clarify again



  4. Hello All,

    My Spouse is planning to join University for MS. She is on H4 visa and she is in US now

    If she gets the college admission, does she needs to have the F1 Visa or she can start complete the MS on H4 Visa itself?


    Pls advice. Thanks in advance

  5. I have another questions. My POE I94 number in I94 website is different from current H1b Approval document

    FYI : My Last entry into US was 3years ago and POE I94 was expired. In US, I transferred my H1b in 2018 and the I94 Number is different


    Question: Should I give the I94 number from the H1 Approval document? Pls let me know



  6. Hello All, thanks for taking your time to respond to this 

    My I140 got approved but employer is not sharing the approval document. Not even the Receipt number

    I know that we can request USCIS through FOIA for the I140 approval soft copy but I have the below questions

    1) If we request the documents, would there by any issues/risks for the candidate in future from USCIS

    2) Does the employer will come to know that I am getting the documents from USCIS without letting them know

    All I am trying to know is, is it good way/step to get the documents from USCIS

    THanks in advance

  7. Hello All, Can you pls clarify me the below. Thanks in advance


    If we file the H1 Extn, H4 Extn and H4 EAD in Regular mode, does the H4-EAD process starts after the H1 Extn decision or both H4-EAD and H1 Extn decision will be at same time?



  8. Hello Luck2u,

    If we file the H1 Extn, H4 Extn and H4 EAD in Regular, will the H4-EAD process starts after the H1 Extn decision or both H4-EAD and H1 Extn decision will be at same?

    Ex: Let's say H1 is approved in 3 months from now. So H4-EAD decision also in 3 months (or) more than 3 months


  9. I came to US on Company A and transferred H1 to Comp B. I joined the Company B, I went to India and stamped my Visa through Company B. 


    After I returned to US I transferred my H1 to Company C. I joined the company C but didn’t go to India for stamping. I have PERM and I140 approved through Company C. 


    Now can I transfer my H1 and join to Company D without having visa through Company C?