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  1. permand140

    GC Process for H4EAD applicant

    Thank You for the responses
  2. permand140

    GC Process for H4EAD applicant

    Can we apply I140 and PERM based on H4 EAD approval and working for a S/W company with it’s pay checks? I know GC processing is for future employment but checking if we can apply, PERM and I140 with H4EAD authorization Pls suggest
  3. permand140

    H1 Transfer on I140 Approval

    2 Months ago, I got my PERM Approved with my current company A and I am in the 6th year of H1b Cap (Almost completing my 6Yrs). I want to transfer my H1 to new company B. 1) Since my I140 was approved only 2 months ago (Less than 6Months), Can I transfer my H1 to Company B If Yes to the above question, i) How many months/year, I will get the H1 duration with Company B ii) After joining Company B and If my current Employer A cancels/Withdraw the I140, can company B file the PERM based on old PERM and I140 PD iii) What would be the other challenges/risks and solutions for those I would really appreciate, if anyone can post your responses. Thank You
  4. permand140

    H1 Transfer on I140 Approval

    Can anyone please post your inputs. Thanks
  5. I came to US on Company A and transferred H1 to Comp B. I joined the Company B, I went to India and stamped my Visa through Company B. After I returned to US I transferred my H1 to Company C. I joined the company C but didn’t go to India for stamping. I have PERM and I140 approved through Company C. Now can I transfer my H1 and join to Company D without having visa through Company C?
  6. permand140

    H4 EAD Eligibility

    Thanks for the response, Care_Candidate After H4EAD is approved, the validity of the H4 EAD approval date will be based on my H1 Approved Validity date or Amendment Validity date?
  7. permand140

    Approved I140

    My I140 was approved last month and my employer received the approval document. But they are not giving the approval copy to me. Can anyone please let me know, does Employer has rights to hold I140 Approval document by not sharing at least copy of that to employee?