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  1. permand140

    I94 Validity

    Thanks for your response
  2. permand140

    I94 Validity

    Hi All, From company A, I travelled outside US and I travelled back to US in 2017. During POE they gave the I94 till April 2018. Then Company A filed H1 Extn. While it was In progress, I moved to company B. As per Company B I797 copy, I94 validity is till 2020 Sept. In DHS website, the I94 number is matching with my Company B I797 approval Copy I94 number. But the admission until date still shows the old date, which is April 2018 1)I think it is correct as I didn't travel outside the US after I moved to Company B? 2) Can you also pls let me know, if I no need to go out of country to get stamp and come back as my Comp B I797 I94 is till Sept2020
  3. permand140

    H1 Transfer on I140 Approval in less than 6 months

    Thank You all for your input
  4. Hi there, Thanks in advance for your response. My 6Yrs on H1b is completing in Feb 2019. My I140 was approved 3 months ago (Less than 6Months). I want to change the employer but I have some questions. Is it required to stay with the current employer for 180 Days after I140 approved (Pls note that my 6yrs completing is in Feb 2019) First of all, with the above criteria, can I transfer my H1b to Company B. If Yes, After joining the new company, what will happen if my current employer withdraw the I140 (Because it was approved 3 months ago only and my H1 6Yrs would be completed by that time). So It would be like I am working on H1 after 6Yrs without having Active I140 and withdrawn I140 was approved 3 months ago only
  5. permand140

    H1 Transfer without I140 Approval copy

    Can anyone please provide the inputs. Thanks
  6. permand140

    H4 to F1

    Thanks much for your details inputs. Appreciate it.
  7. permand140

    B2 Visa while H1 Extn is InProgress

    Thank you for all your responses.
  8. permand140

    H4 to F1

    Can you pls describe, what is depending on the state and in-state tution? Sorry I am new to this so just catching up on these.
  9. permand140

    H4 to F1

    Thanks for your responses In mid of the MS degree, if she goes to India, does she needs to go for F1 stamping or without going for F1 stamping she can come back on H4?
  10. permand140

    B2 Visa while H1 Extn is InProgress

    Thank You for your response. But since I am doing the documentation and interview slots along with the Invitation letter from my side, USCIS considers I am applying their B2 and inviting them? If I understand correctly, whatever the case My H1 Extn In Progress status, will not impact the B2 Processing? Please clarify again Thanks
  11. permand140

    H4 to F1

    Hello All, My Spouse is planning to join University for MS. She is on H4 visa and she is in US now If she gets the college admission, does she needs to have the F1 Visa or she can start complete the MS on H4 Visa itself? Pls advice. Thanks in advance
  12. Hello all, Thanks in advance for replying to this post Can you please let me know, if I can apply B2 visa for my parents while my H1 Extn is In Progress Thanks
  13. permand140

    H1 Transfer without I140 Approval copy

    I have another questions. My POE I94 number in I94 website is different from current H1b Approval document FYI : My Last entry into US was 3years ago and POE I94 was expired. In US, I transferred my H1b in 2018 and the I94 Number is different Question: Should I give the I94 number from the H1 Approval document? Pls let me know
  14. permand140

    H1 Transfer without I140 Approval copy

    Thanks for the update.
  15. permand140


    Excellent. Thanks for the update