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  1. kvskumar

    H1B approved backdated

    I am waiting for response from my employee. However I am looking for second opinion. Please let me know if you come across this type of situation. How long can i stay legally after the backdated approval
  2. kvskumar

    H1B approved backdated

    Hi, Need your advise on my scenario. My H1B transfer (company changed) was filed on 5/17/2018. I got the approval today (8/5/19) back dated to 5/28/2019. Few months back, i moved to different client due to project change. Amendment was filed and I got RFE on 7/15/2019 reason: "amendment is ready for approval but the transfer is pending. So it will be approved only once the transfer petition is approved." Please educate me on what is my current status. 1. If the response to amendment is sent, will it be approved back dated or future date? 2. Am I out of status now? 3. Looks like I have to apply for extension soon. Can i stay after filing the extension or should I leave country? Please let me know what is my future action be done.
  3. Hi, i started working for an employer on H1b transfer on receipt number for client A. I got RFE after 10 mon. Reason employee employer relationship, speciality occupation. I94 also expired 3 mon back. After i got RFE i changed to new project and amendment filed for client B. I got client A client letter till June. Now my employer is responding to RFE with previous client letter. I m processing transfer in premium. So what are my options if transfer gets denied while amendment in progress? Can i still work? What is my status? Do i need to refile new petition?
  4. Dear Team, I am working for an XYZ consultancy. I sent documents for my attorney to file for Labor for greencard processing in Sep 2018. She confirmed that my Labor is filed on Sep 28th. But they are reluctant to share me the case number. I have mailed them and called them umpteen times but there is no proper response from my employer on case number. Could you please help how to find the status or case number to track the process. Also I am curious is there any specific reason for employer not to share the details. Please let me know. thanks.