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  1. Sirisha84

    H4 EAD RFE

    This is regarding H4 EAD.Can someone help me how to submit for the below H4 EAD RFE. 1. I Submitted h4 ead using my spouse Previous employer A I 140 documents. But the Emp A has withdrawn the I 140.Spouse stayed more than 180 days. Now i got h4 EAD RFE saying my spouse I 140 which i submitted was revoked in Oct 2017.He used the same I 140 for his h1 transfer (7th year of extn) with EMP C and got 3 yr extn. 2. Is it like for submitting H4 EAD I 140 should br active irrespective of the employer?
  2. Sirisha84

    H4 EAD RFE

    Hi, I recevied the RFE for my H4 EAD asking to submit the I140.While applying H4 EAD i submitted the I 140 documents from Information act which was provided by USCIS, since EMP A said he cant share the I 140 copy.Can some one please guide me how to proceed with the RFE. Spouse I 140 is approved on Dec 2016 with Emp A and he changed to EMP B and currently he is working with EMP C from June 2018. He submitted the same I 140 documents providede by the Information Act and got 3 years Extn.(beyond 6 yrs extn) EMP A told he will withdraw the I 140.But when we recive the H4 EAD RFE, it says I 140 is revoked in Oct 2017. Spouse is with EMP A with More than 180 days Rule. Now how to submit for the H4 EAD RFE. Thanks