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  1. Our twins are 2 months old and were born in USA. We are planning to return to india ASAP for personal and health reasons. I and my wife are both GC holders. We havent applied for the kids US passports. 1. How do i go about getting my kids an indian citizenship as opposed to a US one? My research tells me that i can register their birth with the indian embassy and later apply for their passport. Doing this will automatically waive their US citizenship. We are not too worried about them coming back to US. We probably wont. 2. Are these 2 processes done simultaneously? 3. Since we are both GC holders, do we have to apply for GC for them to have status in US? Chances are that as soon as we have their passports, we will return to india. 4. To folks who have done this in the past, what do you reccomend?