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  1. back2usa

    7th year H-1B Extension Denial

    Hi, what was the update on your case? Did you get any approval?
  2. As long as 140 is active, you can file new H1B with any employer. What was the update on your case?
  3. what is the update on your case? did you re-apply or re-appeal?
  4. Hi guys - any comments are appreciated! Can I atleast recapture the PD if we start over with a new employer?
  5. Hi - thanks for reading and sharing your opinions on this post. I completed 6 years of H1B with Employer A from Oct 2007 - June 2014. My I-140 was approved with Employer A in May 2014, and I received 3 years extension based of i-140 from July 2014 to July 2017. In June 2015, I switched to Employer B and started working on receipt notice. Employer A withdrew I-140 after I left. In January 2016, received RFE and attorney replied and eventually denied in Fed 2016, I moved back to India March 2016. I still had 14 months left on H1B. Employer B attorney did not share details of RFE and shared denial notice as USCIS revoked I-140 in December 2015. (Last updated date for i-140 changed to June 2015 on my USCIS account, which means they received communication from Employer A that I left.) I joined Employer C in India and have been working with them since 2016. They want me to go onsite, so we had consultation with an attorney, and have two options, but Employer A says they are not possible? 1. File new I-140 based on old expired Perm. Is this possible for Employer A to do new I-140 based on old perm? 140 was timely filed. 2. Employer C wants to do new labor and I-140 while I am in India, but they are asking if the remaining 14 months can be captured using the new I-140. Is this possible? Thanks!