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  1. Nothing has been updated.
  2. Did you check your old receipt number? I have filed my MTR on Dec 19 in VSC and my old receipt number status is case was re-opened for re-consideration. But my MTR receipt shows case was received.
  3. Oh okay...thanks for the reply..what is the service center name initially it was sent? Interestingly my old status has been updated to "Reopened for reconsideration" and appeal case status was just showing as received.
  4. Is your case transferred to different service center? My old case status has been changed to "Case has been re-opened for re-consideration".
  5. Hi Avinash, DO you have any update on your case?
  6. Any update on Appeal cases?
  7. No...I just got receipt number and status shows "case was received".
  8. Thanks sruhad. Do you have any idea on how does the process works for motion to reopen? When I talked to my employer, they said motion to reopen application first goes back to the Service Center for reconsideration and it does not issue a new receipt Notice. We only get a Notice if the Service Center confirms its initial decision and the case is then sent to the AAO in Washington. Is this accurate? I am not clear with my employer reply, without receipt number how do we know whether it is sent back to AAO office? Thanks for your help...
  9. When do we receive new receipt number after applying motion to reopen appeal?
  10. thanks JoeF for the response. Does H1B denials affect for new petition in any case. I do have one more option to file H1B in 2019 and my employer is ready to file for it.
  11. Hi, I have applied H1B this April 2018, got an RFE on Specialty occupation. RFE documents have been submitted in August 2018. H1B was denied on Nov 8 2018 due to reason Specialty occupation again. Employee is working on Appealing now. Can anyone please let me know what is the time frame for Appealing decision? what is the success rate? Thanks!
  12. Any update on your case? I am on same boat.