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  1. I am having the same issue with Chennai consulate after submitting the passport after 221g Submitted passport to VAC- June 18 The last Case Updated to- June 24 from May 15 ( interview date) Passport status from June 29 - no updates available and CGI website says" Document Delivery Information" before it used to say passport with US embassy status. I read in another forum that the status in CGI changes to blank after two weeks of the passport with the consulate and the passport could not be tracked after that.
  2. knight81

    H1b stamping with DUI - Please advise

    @Sur Rina Can you update your experience here? Are you still waiting for your visa? Thanks.
  3. knight81

    H1b stamping with DUI - Please advise

    @Sur Rina Did you get stamped?
  4. knight81

    H1b stamping with DUI - Please advise

    @Sur Rina I just saw this post, and I am kind of in a similar situation where I was charged with wet reckless 8 years ago. I would appreciate if you can update this forum about whether medical panel test was required if the offense was 5 years ago. Thanks and all the very best.