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  1. Hi , My PERM was submitted on Feb 22nd . The only information I have from my employer is it was efilled . I dont know any information on the location or Case number . Since perm checker shows current date as April 15 , I am worried about my case . My work location is Seattle . Please let me know location where my PERM would have been submitted & the current date for this location . And also the please list the locations where PERM application can be submitted for my better understanding . Thank you . Regards Selvaraj
  2. Selvaraj M

    EB1 criteria

    Ok . Thank you
  3. Please let me know wheather we will have an Case Number assigned for an PERM Filling from USCIS . Will that be same Case # as that of what we see in www.permchecker.com ? . Please advise .
  4. Please let me know the criteria for Eb1 applicant . I am confused on reading diffrent information . Is that if an applicant has reportees in US & outside US for an year in that organization , he/she is ellible for eb1 ? or The applicant should have worked outside US with direct reportees & should have reportees now in US ?
  5. Selvaraj M

    National Emergency & USCIS

    Ok . Thank you .
  6. Selvaraj M

    National Emergency & USCIS

    Please let me know whether current National Emergency situation will affect USCIS processing for Labour , I140 & H1B .
  7. Selvaraj M

    GC Processing : Advertisement/ Campaign

    Thank you
  8. Please let me know the window for an advertisement / Campaign? . Should it be 30 / 60 / 90 days?
  9. Selvaraj M

    LCA - Working Remote

    Ok. Thank you .
  10. Selvaraj M

    Wage Determination

    My wage determination was submitted on Aug 29 & still I did not get any response . Please let me know the current date the USCIS is reviewing .
  11. Selvaraj M

    LCA - Working Remote

    Please let me know if one needs to re-apply LCA when working remove? . I have LCA for my client HQ but I am working remote & traveling once a month for 4 days.Please advise .