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    Reentry permit

    We are permanent residents in US since Jun 2018. With Green Card Lottery we were given the opportunity to live and work in the US. In June 2018, our cards were issued to my wife and me. We came home to manage our life and prepare for the relocation. Unfortunately we have to attend medical treatment in our home country and we cannot relocate immediately. If I am well informed about the reentry permit, it can provide additional time for us to remain in our home country for 2 years due to this medical treatment. In January or February 2019 we will go back to US. Then we would like to submit a reentry permit. If we are in US, can we submit our reentry permit immediately? If we submit a reentry permit request quickly and initiate an expedited biometric time request can we submit the biometrics within two weeks as well? If not, then can we go to Europe and go back to the biometric date if I think so well? Do you see any risk with that procedure or have any better idea what to do in this special case? If it is the best solution and I hire an attorney to fill in our reentry permit and manage the paper work is there a flat fee? Thank you.