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  1. I have my OPT card approved with starting date on Jan 23rd 2018 and I applied with my personnel email on documents sent to USCIS, but SEVP portal registration email was sent to my SAU email and I accept my mistake to not monitor for the communication. Issue: After registering yesterday(Nov 27th 2018) I found out that employer details are empty , but I have done my opt employment reporting with my employer details as my start date from March 13th 2018 on my school employment reporting portal in the month of March 2018. My school says that they didn't receive my reporting and hence not reflected in my SEVIS portal. Official Rule: I need to report the employers details with-in 10 days of any change. As you know, I have just created my portal couldn't update and now planning to change to a new employer from my current employer. Response from my school: You are in violation of the 10 day employer update, but you are still in active status. This is something SEVP has recommended that we don’t terminate students for failing to do.There is a possibility of issue on further application like OPT-extenstion and H1B but we cannot answer for SEVIS. Need your help: I am worried about my status: Please address the below : 1: Please let me know if I would face any issue as I didn't update my employment period from March 15 2018 to current. 2: How should I report the details of my current employer and future employer details. Could you please help me out to explain if I would face any issue while applying for OPT extension. Best Regards, Raghu