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  1. Narun

    H1-H4 COS

    I have applied for COS from H1 to H4 and H4 EAD. Currently both the applications COS to H4 and H4 EAD , seems to be in 'Case Recieved Status' per the USCIS site and my H1 B is expiring on March 6th 2019. Below are the questions : Can I stay beyond March 6th in USA ,though my I 94 and H1 B petition is expiring on March 6th 2019? Due to a personal reason , I need to travel to my home country in the month of April this year and then go for visa consulate stamping. If I AM travelling during COS is in progress , will there be a problem during the visa consulate stamping. ? If COS is not approved prior to Visa consulate stamping, after I am back to USA, how do we go with the current COS to H4 and H4 EAD application. Do we have to revoke them and then apply again for a new H4 EAD ? Appreciate your help. Thanks
  2. Narun

    Stamping after I539 H4-EAD approval

    Hi Sri Velicheti, I also applied recently H1b to H4 COS and also filed H4 EAD .Could you please tell how long it took for you to get the approval for both. Appreciate your help.Thank you .
  3. Hi, I have H1B valid till March 2019.I am planning to to do COS to H4 and apply for EAD together.Below are my questions. 1.Should I stop working when I receive the receipt, 2.If COS to H4 is taking time to get approved,Am I eligible to work till March 2019 ,and stop working when H1 expires.? 3.Can I go for stamping if my H4 is approved and EAD is still in progress? Thanks