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  1. Hello All, Looking some help here, I have attended H4 Dependent visa interview on 10/31/2018 and after simple Qs ( where do H1 works/live/marriage date/baby/age/return date/arrivals date/if any overstay) VO gave me 221G white slip and after 65 days, got an email saying, you're passport is ready for pickup at xxxx….location and after pickup I DONT FIND ANY VISA STAMP on it, but same 221G white slip with same tracking number with passport. Sent an follow up email to embassy: Few Qs here: #is this common or any mistake from them ? #what can we do now to get visa ? can we apply another H4 visa interview with same location ? #if they return passport, is there any time period for it, still this application fall under 60-90 days as per their website ? as of now its already done with 65 days # Case last updated date was updated after 65 days later, that is 01/04/2019, so are they count from this date or interview date. Please help me on this . thanks in advance
  2. usa@2016

    H4 visa stamping with 221(G)

    Hello Archrao, I am on same situation now, attended on 10/31/2018 at Hyderabad for H4 and officer took the passport and said that, need to do admin processing which usually takes a week but on my case, she told me it can takes 3 days, but as of now 19 days, still no status update. Could you please tell me how long it yours taken and did they asked any documents to submit ? MY 221G also marked as yours. Thanks for your reply
  3. Hello Admin/All, I have attended H4 VISA stamping at Hyderabad Consulate on 10/31/2018. Conversation with VO went fine, and end of it, she has given 221G ( white slip) and saying that, they need to do some administration processing which takes 1 week most of the cases, but on my case, she told me it takes 3 days and given the case number on the slip to track the status and 221G marked as Your application required additional administrative processing before a final decision can be made. Here I have few concerns, could you please help me on it. When I was tracking the status 1st week, it was showing as you passport is still with US embassy/consulate ( on both sites _ustraveldoc.com & cgifederal.secure.force.com page), but from 2nd week to today, its showing as there is no status update available for the passport number submitted, even I am checking with correct passport number. Can we send an email to HYD consulate by checking the application status ? is there any issue ? and its just 19 calendar days so far, My last status was on H1 for 4 years and changed to H4 in 2016 and spouse is in USA on project with H1 & with Approved I-140. FYI: CEAC site still showing as administrative processing from 10/31/2018 to today. Please share your thoughts on how to expedite the process, your response/replies are really appreciated as 22 months old baby having hard time in India and missing Dr appointments and vaccines from last couple of months. Thanks