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  1. Hello, I was working with employer A and had visa approved until Dec -2018. Recently i switched to another employer B and have my visa approved until June 2019. Two days back i recieved NOIR on employer A's approved petition. I have no idea what would be its implications and what should i do? Can someone throw a light what should be by immediate steps.
  2. Starme07

    Am i in legal status

    So, what you are saying is that the amendment denial won't have any effect on my current status?
  3. Starme07

    Am i in legal status

    I'm on H1B and my visa is until 31st Dec 2018 with current company. I received a call from my previous employer that my amendment with them which was filed in 2017 was just rejected. Does this affect my current legal status?
  4. Starme07

    I-94 Extension

    I received my approval very close to my travel date and company B had not received petition by then.
  5. Starme07

    I-539 Approval

    Hello, My wife's visa (H4) is valid until Dec-2018 and so is her I-94. I have a new employer now which allows to me work until June 2019. i'm about to file Form I-539 for my wife. My simple question is, would she be able to live in US after Dec-2018 while form I-539 is pending with USICS. Please help. Thanks
  6. Starme07

    I-94 Extension

    I was working with employer A in US and went back to india for vacation. Meanwhile, I got H1B approval from Company B while in india. However, I traveled back to US on company A's visa which is up to Dec-2018 and so my latest I-94 date is same. Now, company B's visa is until June 2019, I need to extend my stay in US. It seems going to mexico is viable option, do i need to cross the border and come back to update the I-94 with new I-797.