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  1. Is H1B I-797A (I-94 date) printed at the bottom even applicable for H4 dependents? My husband's papers all have valid I-94 date still Dec 2019. My I-94 expired 9 months ago on Feb-2018. Can I go to Canada and show my husband's papers and get approval for New I-94? Or Will I be barred for 3 years of entry?
  2. Padma22

    I-94 expired 9 months ago visa valid

    Any suggestions.Please help.
  3. Can you suggest want did you do for getting extension?I am in a similar situation. Please help urgent.
  4. Padma22

    I-94 expired 9 months ago visa valid

    Thank you for your suggestions. I have some more queries. How much time is required for reinstatement to get approved from USCIS? Is there any premium processing option for H4 holder? Or Do I need to get a new H4 visa stamping from home country and again re-enter US? Will there be a problem at consulate for getting approval for new h4 visa? Can somebody narrate you experiences on both circumstances.
  5. Hi All I am a H4 dependent visa holder.My I-94 date has expired 9 months ago on Feb-2018 due to my old passport expiration date.But the visa stamped on my old passport is valid still Dec-2019.I have got a new passport valid until Nov 2027 but missed to apply for my I-94 extension. I realized today that I am currently on out of status and I am not eligible for I-539. What should I do to get a new I-94? Can I go to a nearest local CBP office and get it corrected after explaining my situation or else should I go/cross the Canada border(which is quite near to my place)and get stamped with new I-94 on re-entry?