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  1. Rina1

    H4 and F1 both approved?

    Hi, For the withdrawal letter, did you just write a letter and attach a copy of approved F1 petition or had a predefined format of withdrawal letter from somewhere? I am facing the same situation and want to send them a request to make my F1 valid over H4.
  2. I applied visa status change to F1 from US and it has not come yet, thus I am planning to travel to India in spring break and get my Visa stamped. Is it okay to travel in the mid semester? Also, on I-20, what will be the start date?
  3. I got my approved F1 visa petition last week. As I was on H4 visa before F1 and its extension was due, I got my H4 petition approved too, However, H4 got approved this week after I got F1. So, will my F1 get overridden by H4 and my F1 will become useless? Is there a way in which I can request and keep my F1 and cancel H4.
  4. Thank you so much for your replies. It helped me to make the right decision.
  5. Hi, I am on H4 currently and have filed extension for H4 and my daughter is also added with me in I-539. At the same time, I am doing my masters and have applied for visa status change to F1, thus in this case I have 2 I-539 filed. Now if my F1 gets approved first, will my other I -539 get cancelled and along with that will my daughter's I-539 will also get cancelled?
  6. Hi, Currently I am doing Masters on H4 visa and have applied for status change to F1 from US itself. Approved F1 visa has not come yet, but I have been offered GA/TA job in my department in the University. I told them(HR department ) about my situation and they say I can take up the job by showing them signed I-20. I will be on their payroll. Is this legal to accept the job without having approved F1 visa?
  7. I am currently on H4 visa and have applied change of status for F1 visa from US. It seems, it is going to take long time to get the result for my F1. In the meanwhile my H4 visa will expire and I might be on no Visa status for few months(however I can stay in US as I have applied for F1). So my question is, for OPT, one needs to be student for one full academic year or for 9 months on any visa and need to have F1 necessarily while applying for OPT. Since I will have no Visa for few months(when my H4 will expire and F1 result would have not come), will I be still considered as full time student to avail OPT or will that be considered as a gap?