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  1. Hi, My husband's H1b extension (with i140 approved) is being filed this month. Can we apply for H4 EAD along with that? IN that case, do we get approvals for H4 EAD also with in 15 days? Just in case if H1B extn is applied for 3 years, 1) Does filing H4 EAD along with H1B extension has any impact on H1B extn approvals? 2) Do they limit the tenure to less than what it is applied for? 3) Is there a chance that H1B gets approved but not H4 renewal? Kindly answer my questions above. Thanks.
  2. Hi All, Happy to share that visa is stamped after the 221g journey for 40 days. Interview date: 11 Dec 2018 221g Submission date: 21 Dec 2018 Visa Stamped: 30 Jan 2019. Thanks!
  3. I am still waiting, there is no update on the CEAC site either. On the call, they confirmed reciept of 221g response and told the average wait time is 60 days. I have completed 30 days past the response sent.
  4. Its not startup. It is MNC. And also my work is not AI.
  5. Hi, Attended h1b visa interview on dec 11th at Hyd US Consulate. basic questions were asked and given 221g white slip. Also returned the passports. next day on Dec 12 recieved email asking detailed resume and questionnaire which had all the relevant details about personal, Employer, Client details/contacts/Address. Along with this it also included few visa categorical questions. As mine is h1, the 4 questions under the category are all about the Research. Below are the 4 mandatory questions under Employment H1 heading 1) Recent/current research 2) Planned research 3) would you be required to conduct any research? 4) If yes, would you have access to the company research lab? I made the derailed resume and am stuck at answering research related questions. I am a lead consultant at Xxx company in IT field and education is Master of Computer Applications. My questions are 1) Do I need to present my current work as Research related(my present work being more of integrations using software tools). 2) If yes, what perspective should I present like business process/Functional flow/Technical Solutions provided? kindly advise on answering the above questions. Also are anyone facing the same situation?
  6. Hi, today I along with my family(for h4) attended visa interview for h1b. After some basic questions about employer and client, VO issued white 221g and returned passports. He asked us to check the email regularly for updates. 1) How long does it take for decision. I want to know from experiences, since on the website, it says no timelines set. 2) is it worth waiting if its more than 6 months since I am left with 1 year of my h1b tenure.(and gc is under process with labor approved) 3) should i file a new cap exempt with other employer
  7. Hi Murthy Law Firm, Greetings!!! About Me and status: I am currently staying in India. My husband works for ABC company in India and they filed his H1B petition which got approved. Now my husband along with the family members, me and our two children are supposed to attend Visa interview on Dec 10th 2018 in Hyderabad, India. Meanwhile my cap subject H1B petition has been filed for FY 2019 by US firm/Consultancy and is now (nov 2018) Approved. My Questions: 1) Can I attend H4 Visa interview at Hyderabad as per schedule? 2) If so and if my H4 is approved, will I still have my H1B valid after entering US on H4 status? 3) Having said YES to 2nd question, is there a chance for the "Change of Status" which my employer should initiate? 4) Should I cancel h4 visa interview and apply h1 visa interview for any legal reasons please answer.