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  1. Apply&Wait

    J1 fear of persecution waiver

    According to a statement by USCIS, “fee-for-service activities performed by USCIS are not affected by a lapse in annual appropriated funding.” Filed petitions will continue to move forward despite the government shut-down. At least, one advantage of paying $930 fee.
  2. Apply&Wait

    J1 fear of persecution waiver

  3. Apply&Wait

    J1 fear of persecution waiver

    Hi All, I contacted my lawyer and apparently his office received my USCIS receipt and never told me. So now I have my receipt #.
  4. Apply&Wait

    J1 fear of persecution waiver

    Hi all, I have just sent in my application for waiver on persecution basis. So far my progress is a check cashed by USCIS at the end of September 2018 and DOS website showing "documents received" beginning of October 2018. My lawyer said I would receive a receipt from USCIS with my case # within 30 days of application. So it has been longer than 30 days now since USCIS cashed the check. Should I be worried? When you say "December 11, 2017: I-612 received by USCIS" is this the date from your USCIS receipt or the date USCIS cashed $930 check?