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  1. vkm10

    H1B DUI Success Story

    Hello Everyone, As everyone says dont ever drink and drive. it isnt worth it( My 2 cents). I would like to share my visa stamping experience . I would like to mention that immigration matters are case by case ( No gaurantee untill we complete the entire process). I was on OPT ( Post completion) and had a DUI. This incident happened in the month of august 2017, i had my court date in september. I plead guily but in my state was given a CWOF. I paid all my court fees , completed Alchohol education classes,community service. I requested court to dismiss my case and court agreed the same as i ididnt had any furthur incident after that. I applied for my OPT extension and got it with no issues. My H1B was picked in lottery and was approved after a RFE for fiscal year 2019 ( RFE is not related to the incident). Interview Details: Hyderabad Consulate I Had my fingerprints on 19th oct , follwed by interview on 25th,oct. I was referred to a panel physician an given a yellow phamplet (221g) . I followed the instructions and got my appointment on monday 29th,oct for my medical evaluation. My results are sent to consulate directly after 3 days. On 2nd nov i received an email to submit passport . After 5 working days i received another email that my passport is ready.