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  1. Hi, Have submitted N400 online form but found a mistake later today that one of the dates of past residence was given wrong. For ex: instead of from date: 03/06/2015 given as 03/06/2012 (Year was wrong). Please let me know how to correct it immediately? can I call USCIS?
  2. sraju2013

    N400 Filing Questions

    Not actually contacted lawyer. Her employer said that he is going to provide W2 form as per their paycheck records. So will not be an issue as we r going to fil tax returns next year for the same. So it might said that traveled to old state for a bi-week to work temporarily on need and returned. Thank you
  3. sraju2013

    N400 Filing Questions

    Thank you for your response. Appreciate it.
  4. sraju2013

    N400 Filing Questions

    Thank you for the response. My concern is mainly on question#2. Sorry, not sure that How could I explain the detail here :) She originally worked in state 'A' during May 2017 and we moved to state 'B' by June 2017. But for May 2017 pay, employer issued paycheck (but address shows our old state 'A' address) in this year August 2018, but we have been staying here since a year in state 'B'. How could we prove that staying in staying in state 'B' and paycheck on state 'A' in 2018 year? So it means that she traveled to her old state 'A' (office location) just for one week work. And now if we accepted, we have to mention same employer two times?? with two different duration timings? ( start and end dates in form to mention.)?Hope you understand my concern. Thanks.
  5. sraju2013

    N400 Filing Questions

    Could some one please advise on my questions if you have any valuable info. Appreciate it.
  6. sraju2013

    N400 Filing Questions

    Hi, I am filling up N400 form online and got few important questions. Need your best advise on these. I apologize for lengthy content. 1) Residence Addresses - 1 year back, when I moved from one state to another state for job relocation, we stayed 3 weeks in friends home while settling down in new place and searching for apartment. So I gave friend's address for USPS mail transfer temporarily too. I did not have driving license, lease on this as stayed temp. Question: Do we need to specify this address too in filling up under residence addresses for the past 5 years section. If not mentioned, will it show during my background check when USCIS does? Any issues ? 2) My wife worked part time in one state a year ago and we moved to different state now. Her employer did not paid her for a week and after following up with him, he finally paid money a month ago, BUT on the paycheck my wife's address mentioned as our old home address in our previous state/city" and paycheck generated date shows as last month. When we asked, he told that he could provide W2 which shows our current state address on this,( not like paycheck), anyway that we will get to know only next year february time in case if he sends.! Question: Employment Section - While filling up most current to old employments - what/how to mention this employment in her application?? Cause for last year, we can mention that employer address and duration, but again because of this one late paycheck dated this year, do we need to mention that employer name in current year also, just for a week duration??? Any issues/questions will come up while background check OR interview time?? 3) Received 5 years back traffic speeding ticket, but with help of attorney converted as other ticket and paid 300+ fine to the court. and received no turn on red ticket too and paid $75 to $100 fines online. Question: Do I need to mention these in application form? if yes, what details to provide? Not sure this need to specify or not! 4) There is a question asking once you become citizen, as per law, are you willing to serve military etc etc.? I think, we are suppose to mention Yes for all those questions. right? Correct me if I am wrong. Thank