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  1. Hello I am applying for stem opt extension and my initial opt expires on March 23 2019. I have submitted I-20 request recommending stem OPT for my university and they(DSO) generated I-20 on Dec 21 2018. So this is before 90 day period of my initial ead card expiry. As there is a rule that we cannot apply before 90 days of ead expiry, will this be a problem for my application when I submit it to uscis ? Can anyone please guide me through this, my DSO says it is ok and said just not to mail the application before 90 days.
  2. Anu92

    H1B Lottery eligibility with pending MTR

    Yes the Same employer.
  3. Hello Will I be eligible for next year H1-B lottery, if I have a MTR in progress ? Though my attorney said I am eligible. I usually get mixed reviews. So confused about it. Thank you.
  4. Yes the denial letter states so. And my employer filed appeal. Wondering what would be the timeline for uscis to approve the appeal.
  5. My H1-B application was picked in the lottery. Received Rfe in july, responded within 10 days. The case status never changed to response received. Got denial as the response was not received. We have proofs that the response was submitted. What is the ideal way to deal this? Thank you.