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  1. My H1B petition (extension based on I-140) has been approved in Sep 14, 2018 for three years in 2021. My job ended on Oct 12, 2018 & H1B was withdrawn. As such, the 60 day grace period started which will end on Dec 11, 2018. I found a new job & as per company timelines, H1B packet would be sent in the last week of November. Under the company policy, I'd be eligible to work on the H1B receipt (by mail since premium processing is unavailable) & not based on FedEx receipt of H1B package sent. With the current circumstance, H1B notice of receipt may be received in third week of December much after my end of grace period. 1. Would I be accumulating illegal status if I don't work after Dec 10 (till the company receives H1B notice of receipt) even if the package was sent? 2. Is it legal to work on FedEx receipt even if we do not have the H1B notice of receipt?