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  1. {there are lot of babies in USA with only one parent, so not having both parents consent for PP is no big deal..} If PP is no big deal, can you please let me know how can my wife proceed to get the pp for my baby without me giving DS- 3053? Is divorce is the only way? or is there any other alternative?
  2. Hi, Hope you are doing good. My wife(Born In India and Currently working on H1) and my baby(Born in USA) both are in Utah and I am in India. My Baby will turn 6 years of age for this April. My wife and I, had misunderstandings and currently, my wife is not giving access to talk to my baby for 3 years. A lawyer has suggested what my wife is doing will comes under "Child Abduction". I wanted to avoid complications and not to trouble my wife as she is alone with my baby in USA. For a kid Both mother and father are equally important, Is there any way that I can get access to see and talk to my kid. Kindly suggest me how to proceed and Please answer me the below if possible I know the school where she is studying. 1) What will happen if I write the same to the school management? 2) Will it affect my kid anyway? 3) Will it affect my wife anyway? 4) In My case, Am I a non-custodial parent? 5) Can I get access to see my kids school records? Thanks in advance. Kindly suggest me the best way to talk to my kid without any complications.
  3. Yes, I spoke with the Indian Lawyers here in India, They are not so much aware of the rules and regulations in the USA in general and Parental rights in particular. They are suggesting me to talk to an attorney in the USA itself. Below are my questions: 1. Can My wife cancel father's parental rights without any written intimation to me? 2. While cancelling the father's parental rights on the kid, does court need any approvals or signatures or acceptance from me? 3. I did not see my baby or talk to her for the past 2 years. Can you please suggest how should I act further to make this happen as my wife is not allowing to give access to communicate with her? 4. My Wife is from India and Indian citizen. Is there any possibility that she can apply for a divorce from the USA itself without coming to India?
  4. My Baby is US citizen My wife is Indian Citizen working on H1B Myself Indian Citizen Workin in India
  5. Currently, I am in India and my wife is in the USA along with the baby girl. I came to India because of miss understandings between my wife and me. Now My baby is turned up 5 years old and her passport has to get renewed. Now my wife is asking to give the signed DS-3053 form Unconditionally, with our informing me when is she returning back to India or not even giving access to talk to my kid. But Still, I need my family to have a happy life. Currently, my wife is blackmailing me saying she is going to remove the parental rights. Is it really possible to remove the parental rights and continue with babies passport renewal without my permission/signature anywhere?