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  1. I am working with Employer A (non-profit) on cap-exempt H1B since May 2018. An employer B applied for my cap H1B and this was approved in Oct 2018. I never worked on cap H1B with employer B as I was already working with employer A. Now, I am offered a job by Employer C and they want to transfer my cap H1B. Is the transfer possible while I am still in US?
  2. Hello all, I have 2 approved H1B's. One is cap exempt that was approved in May 2018 and currently working full time in NY. I recently got a general H1 approved end of Oct 2018 and this is in TX. I want to make TX job as primary full time and want to convert NY job remote part-time. Is this feasible? Can I work remotely part time with my NY employer while I live in TX.
  3. The new H1 is approved as change of status. Both H1's are with different employer. One H1 is cap exempt sponsored by university. I am working with this visa since May 2018. other H1 is sponsored by a for profit company in general quota. This got approved end of Oct 2018.
  4. I am currently working on cap-exempt H1B. I got a cap H1 approved this year end of Oct 2018. However, I am in a dilemma if I should continue with my cap-exempt or switch to general H1. Can I continue to work on cap-exempt for now and may be after 1 year start to use or transfer my general H1?
  5. I spoke with a lawyer recently. He said if your H1 is approved very recently and you have not yet started employment, you can transfer to a new employer but it has to be very soon probably within 1-2 weeks from day of your approval.
  6. vine

    H1B cap to cap-exempt transfer

    Hello Pii, I am in similar situation as you. I am working on cap-exempt and just got cap H1 approved last week. Do you know what happens to cap H1 if I dont use it? If I plan to use cap H1 how soon should I use it.
  7. I am currently working for Employer A (university) on cap-exempt H1B. An employer B filed my H1B in regular processing and it is approved in Nov 2018. 1. What happens to my regular H1 if I do not use it? By when should I start using it? What happens if I keep it unused for long time period? Can I use it after a year from now? 2. Employer B is willing to transfer the visa. I have not yet started employment with Employer B and in this case can I transfer this visa to an Employer C? Is it mandatory to work for few months with Employer B before transferring to Employer C? 3. I want to keep both the visa's. What are my options?