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    H4 EAD

    Recently changed employer where current employer has filed for PERM which is in process. I140 approved by previous employer. Can i still apply H4 EAD based on previous i140 approval ? Do i need to provide any document to proof that my current employer has also started GC process ? IS there any chances for RFE or rejection ? Please advice . Thank you
  2. Hi, I was working for employer A and was laidoff in march 2018.Company A have revoked the H1b petition.However during my 60 days grace period i could get and offer and currently have a valid h1b approval. Currently i have a valid approved I-797 from employer B.I have valid H1B visa (Employer A) stamped in my passport, valid till 2020. As I need to go to India on 2019 , so do I need to get my VISA stamped again ? I understand this is an old question but I couldn't find any related information in USCIS site regarding this one. Therefore I am confused if the rules have changed .Can someone please advise and share any document in USCIS website . Also if any one have recently faced the same situation , what kind of queries can i get at POE by CBP officer ....Looking at the current situation is it safe to travel . Please advice . Thanks a lot .