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  1. zshah

    i485-EAD Renewel form help needed

    i think "AOS applicant"
  2. zshah

    EB2 PD (08/2009)

    seems to be a typo...Oct 2021?! Medicals are valid only for 2 years. usually they send RFE to update medicals.
  3. zshah

    EAD renewal

    Hello, I am hoping to get some advice here. Thanks in advance. Below is my snap shot of my immigration status. - EAD status, EB2 – I 485 applied in 2011 and waiting for visa bulletin to become current. - Priority date = Dec 2009 My EAD expires in March 27th 2021 and AP expires in June 2021. - I would like to apply for combo card this time, and based on my understanding, I can apply EAD/AP combo card 6 months prior i.e. Dec 2020, since AP expires in June 2021. - If I apply in Dec 2020, then possibly receive approval in April-May 2021 time frame. USCIS shows processing times ~5 months for EAD applications. 1. Do you recommend to apply combo card in Dec 2020 (or) do I split the application into AP and EAD? If I split, I can apply EAD right away. 2. It appears, USCIS is automatically extending expiring EADs for up to 180 days for applicants - C (9) category. I would like to confirm this category will be applied in my case and even my case is not approved till EAD expiration date, I can still work. Thanks again.
  4. Hello friends, - Filled PERM in 2009 from Bay area (San Jose) location, approved - I-140 approved. - I -485 pending - Priority date - 2009 (almost there) Currently i work with reputable company in San Jose location. My company wants to me take transfer to Atlanta and offer managerial position with same duties as mentioned in PERM + additional. Q1) Does my transfer to Atlanta location have any effect on Green Card process? Q2) With managerial tittle , does it have any effect on Green Card process? Thanks and much appreciated.