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  1. Update: support-india@ustraveldocs.com got back to me within 24 hours and let me know what documents (all valid I-797s) I needed to submit to get an amended visa stamp. I took them along with my passport and submitted them back at the VFS center. I got the amended visa (new annotation had both my current and future I-797 details) and passport back in 5 business days from the day I submitted the docs at the VFS center.
  2. Hello all - I had two I-797 petitions when I went for my H-1B visa stamping last week: 1. Valid from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2019 (current petition) 2. Valid from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2022 (extension petition) When I filed the DS-160, I provided my latest petition details because I didn't want a visa stamp that was going to be valid for just a few months. At the interview the consular officer didn't ask me for any documents (including my I-797), and I just assumed everything was fine. Well I picked up my passport today and I saw that there is an annotation on visa saying "NOT VALID UNTIL 21-JUN-2019". It looks like the officer just completely ignored my current I-797 that's valid till 30th June 2019 and now it looks like I can't return to the US until June. I am supposed to be travelling back to the USA on March 20th with my family including two small children and I don't have any other valid visa stamp that I can use to enter the US. Is there a way the visa stamp can be changed again with a valid start date? I've already emailed support-india@ustraveldocs.com but they will take up to 48 hours to respond. I'm not sure what the right option is for me: 1) Apply for another interview in person, 2) Submit new application is via drop box, or 3) Compose a letter explaining the annotation error in the visa stamp and attach all supporting documents and try to submit it at my local VFS office for correction. Please help!!!
  3. saintforlife

    Immigration Reform

    If a person got their M.S. degree in engineering in 2006 from an accredited US university, has worked in the US for 6 years on H1B visa, has an approved I-140 and has a priority date of September 2012 (EB2 India), when can this person expect to receive their Green Card under this bill? p.s. Appreciate your efforts in this thread maverick41. Keep up the good work!
  4. If a person has a M.S. degree in engineering from an accredited US university, has worked in the US for 6 years on H1B visa in an engineering position, has an approved I-140 and has a priority date of September 2012 (EB2 India), when can this person expect to receive their Green Card under this bill?
  5. That is just backwards. What makes recent graduates better? They should in fact first give Green Cards to people who have their Master's/PhD degrees from here, and have worked in this country in a relevant field for a minimum of 5 years, paid taxes and other dues. Those are the people that have played by the rules and have shown a commitment to staying in this country. If they decide to give Green Cards only to recent graduates, going forward what is to stop people from just lining up and enrolling into any mom & pop university just to get a quick graduate degree and a GC without even showing an inclination to work in a STEM area after school? After all, isn't highly skilled workers working in STEM fields supposed to help grow the economy? This will just open up the system for rampant misuse. :smh:
  6. All the immigration talks seems to be centered on illegal immigration, border security and increasing the H1B cap. I think it is unfair that people who spend 2-5 years of their lives invest in a higher education, pay tuition fees and earn a degree have to fight with all the other H1B holders when it comes to getting a Green Card. I know there was some talk about stapling green cards to diplomas of people that get a Master's or PhD degree in engineering or related fields from a US university in the past. Is this still on the card on any of the immigration bills being proposed currently in the senate or the house? Do any of the recent bills address the green card situation of immigrants who have studied or are studying graduate schools in the US?
  7. saintforlife

    My I-140 is approved, can I change jobs from engineering to finance?

    I have a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from a US university. I know there are tons of people who probably have a Bachelor's degree in Finance who will be more qualified 'on paper' for the finance analyst type of job that I am looking to do the next couple of years. But I already have done finance related work in my current role and I happen to be good at it. I have 7 years of work experience and understand my industry quite well. Corporate Finance is something I get intuitively. The MOOC just reinforced it. That combined with my math, statistics and advanced excel background makes me quite suitable for the job actually. I even spoke to a couple of people in our corporate finance group, including a controller, and they think that I could transition to the job very quickly if I got in. They like the fact that I have the technical skills to go with the finance knowledge. It it the general accounting and GAAP skills that I will have to pick up on the job. Even my current manager attested to my skill and encouraged me to pursue the field that interests me the most. But he doesn't understand the ins and outs of the legal immigration process. The whole H1B, PERM process is so convoluted it is not even funny. I mean if it takes me 10 years to get my Green Card, you can't possibly expect me to do the same kind of role that my original labor was filed for. There might be people who are willing to do that, but I want to pursue the career opportunities that provide me the most job satisfaction and room for professional growth. In any case, I plan to apply to a part-time MBA program this Fall and will be concentrating on Finance during the MBA. But the program is 3 years long and I really don't want to wait till I complete the degree to start working in Finance. I thought that if I switched into a Finance type of role in my current company while working on the MBA, I will be able to apply the skills I learn in school on the job and that eventually it will position me well for an even better job after I graduate. Thank you. That is what my research has shown. People from all kinds of background get into Finance, not just folks with an undergrad degree in a finance related field. My ultimate goal is to get into a boutique IB firm working in a M&A, private equity or valuation kind of role.
  8. saintforlife

    My I-140 is approved, can I change jobs from engineering to finance?

    I don't have a degree in Finance. I have a Master's degree from the US in Engineering. But I have been doing some Finance related work in my current role as an engineer and I realized that I really love that field. I even took and completed an online MOOC class on ********* in Finance to get some formal training and class further reinforced my interest in the field. I now want to pursue a career in finance for the next phase of my career growth and my current manager is open to me pursuing a finance role in the same company. If I have to start my PERM process from scratch, can I at least keep my priority date?
  9. I am from India and My I-140 was approved in January this year (EB2). My priority date is 9/12/2012. I am thinking of changing my role at my current company from Engineering (for which the I-140 was approved) to Finance. Just wondering, what will be the implications of going into a Corporate Finance role on my PERM application. What, if any, of the PERM steps have to be redone? Will I lose my priority date? What would be the best way to go about this career change with a PERM application in process? Also note that my H1-B visa is expiring on Sep-30-2013 and my company is currently in the process of extending my H1B visa (for my original role as engineer). Will changing roles affect my H1B extension in any way? Should I wait till the extension is complete before pursuing the new role?
  10. My employer recently decided to start my GC process and were in the process of filing for my Labor. Yesterday I found out that the labor market test failed for my case. I have 1.5 years left on my work visa, so my attorney mentioned they will reinitiate the process immediately and try another round of 'recruitment'. However, she also said they don't like doing this over and over, and per the company policy, they don't like doing it more than twice, so I really need to get it right this time around. The attorney wants me to work with my manager and redo the job description for the job posting. But the problem is, the first job ad pretty accurately described my job duties and my manger will not agree to just make up something just to better my chances as it is a large publicly traded company and they follow all rules to the 'T'. Honestly I am not sure what changes we can make to the job description. Also my attorney insists on getting reference letters from my previous employers that verify each of the skills that we are putting in the job description for the Labor certification. It was very difficult to get them the first time itself, now it will be much harder and I am not even sure my previous employers will agree to give the letters again. Is this a common practice to ask for reference letters from previous employers or is my attorney being too conservative and playing it very safe? I don't think I have heard any of my friends having to get reference letters from previous employers. Also does anybody really fail the labor market test? I don't think it is a common occurrence and I just feel unlucky. Since I have no idea what went wrong the first time, is there any way I can control it this time? Any suggestions will be very helpful. Thanks!
  11. @makjl29 - Thanks for your reply! I have all the documents that I could think of and then some with me for the interview. Hopefully it will go smoothly. @kaervas - I had a friend in Singapore who paid the fees at the local bank and gave me the receipt number which I used to book my appointment online in advance. Do you have a friend in Malaysia who can do that for you? Because that is the only way you can book your appointment before actually landing in the country.
  12. Anybody have any experience with stamping in Singapore or any other 3rd country (that is not their home country). I will really appreciate any insight to what documents I will need to bring to make the visa appointment go smoothly. Thanks!
  13. I am an Indian citizen who has been working in the US since 2007 on a H1 visa. I have a Master's degree from the US. I have a business trip coming up to Singapore that I have to go to, but my H1 stamp on my passport has expired. I have an extended I-797 that is valid till Sep 2013 but I will still need to get a new H1 stamp on my passport before returning back to the US. My questions: 1) Will the visa officer at the US Embassy in Singapore have any problems with me getting a stamp in Singapore instead of going to India (my home country)? I have no plans of going to India on this trip since it is an official trip (and this is also my first trip to in Singapore). I have invitation letter etc. from the company manager in Singapore who requested my presence there. Is that sufficient reason to convince the visa officer that I need to get my visa stamped in Singapore itself? 2) What support documents will I need to bring with me during my visa interview? (I just started my 5th year of H1. This is the first time I am travelling out of the country since my visa extension in 2010.) 3) Any other tips for a successful visa interview (no admin processing, pink/blue slips etc.)? Thanks in advance!
  14. saintforlife

    H4 to H1

    My wife is in exactly the same position. Her H1B petition was approved in 2008 and is valid till Sep 2011. The only change is she applied for a CoS to H1 last year after she got a job offer but the Cos was denied because the client would not give an end client letter. Questions: 1) If my wife finds a new job now and stays with the same employer (her consultant) can she apply for a CoS again and start working right away? 2)If she changes her employer and finds a new consultant to file for a fresh H1b for her, does she have to be counted against the cap again and wait till October to be able to work?