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  1. Hi All, One of my close friend and his family met with serious accident and need financial help. Therefore, I initiated a donation campaign for him on GoFundMe. Yesterday, somebody mentioned that such things should only be initiated by GC holders and citizens and might create problem if initiated by H1B holders. I see no logic in this however wanted expert opinion on this. PS: This is for a real cause and to genuinely help the family in distress. Thanks, Vihaan
  2. I know one of my colleague who was in exact same situation and he traveled and was able to come back without any issue.
  3. Vihaan17

    Apply on Cap-exemption using old H1B approval

    Approved petition valid for cap exemption only for a period of 6 years. Since your 6 yr period is already over, you no longer can use it.
  4. Vihaan17

    H1B extension along with dependents

    Most likely your H1B extension also got approved already. Sometimes it takes time to reflect the status on their website.