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  1. amruthaa

    H1 and H4 Extension Mexico

    I dont know the answer to you question about H1 & H4 extension stamping but can you apply for COS from H4 to F1 for your son without going for stamping? I would not risk stamping unless it is absolutely necessary and take the less riskier route of COS.
  2. oh ok, was your stamping in Ottawa or Toronto?
  3. The only reason I decided to come to Canada was the false sense of security that 221g will be resolved faster, I came to this conclusion based on posts/experiences on various forums. It seems that is not true anymore, lesson learnt.
  4. This is pure torture, I am advocating against going for stamping unless someone's life depends on it. Might be a drastic reaction but this situation sucks.
  5. Yes sent a follow up email to consulate on Friday and did not get any reply yet(except the auto bot reply). Hopping Airbnb's in Ottawa for now, this is week 8 so really awaiting for some kind of response. Are you still in Ottawa?
  6. Today is 48th day since interview and 50 days since leaving to Canada, getting really depressed and worried if the wait will ever end.
  7. amruthaa

    Working from India after H4 EAD expired

    I am pretty sure you traveling out of US while extension is pending effectively abandoned your H4 petition. I am surprised your “HR department” did not run this strategy by their immigration attorneys first, they would have known if they did. Is your employer a body shop? Your best bet is to get H4 visa stamped at a consulate based on your husband’s approved H1B and come back to US. Your H4 EAD “may” get eventually approved if you alert USCIS about your H4 stamping once you are in US but it may just get denied due to you traveling out of country.
  8. Do you have a multiple entry canadian visa? If so I dont see any reason why you cannot exit the country and come back to get visa stamped once administrative processing is completed. That being said, do you have a valid visa to the country you intend to visit with your friends? You cannot send passport via mail from outside country AFAIK, you can mail it from designated courier servicers in Canada but not from outside country as that is illegal.
  9. amruthaa

    Form 221 (g) - blue slip

    Which consulate?
  10. amruthaa

    corrupt VFS worker and fingerprint change

    wtf did i just read? this sounds fishy on so many levels
  11. It is really frustrating, especially when family is involved. Hope your case also resolves soon, did they keep your passport or return it? I know one guy who got yellow slip on Jan 7th got request for passport submission on Jan 28th...exactly in 3 weeks, so hang in there.
  12. amruthaa

    221g Ottawa

  13. amruthaa

    H4/EAD validity when H1B is undergoing 221g

    Yeah I do realize there is no grace period, thanks