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  1. Hi All, Just an update to help everyone with timeline. Visa got issued on 15th and passport collected on 16th. No additional documents, no 221 G slip, no RFE- absolutely nothing. Just had to wait for one long month. Hope this information helps.
  2. Same with me. I submitted documents for change of employer at Dropbox, New Delhi consulate. They have not asked any additional documents in my case. I have emailed the embassy, called the VFS numerous times. No response yet. This is the 4 week going on. Submitted documents on Oct 15 Case created: Oct 16 Case last update: Oct 17 That's the last update I have. No information after that. Please let me know if you get any response, EJ3734.
  3. R221g: did you get your passport finally? My situation is the same as yours (at least the profile you are describing) except that I havent been asked to submit any documents at all (this is my 4th week).
  4. To add: the amendment is with the same employer though.
  5. I've a H1B amendment in progress that is not yet approved. Is that the sole reason why I am seeing delays?
  6. Any update on your case, Sudipto? Did you get your passport?
  7. @Waitingon221g: did you do dropbox at New Delhi and was it for change of employer? Thanks.
  8. Update: my CGI/ustraveldocs portal got update saying "Document Delivery Information:". Not sure what this means since it is blank. Do you think this is a positive sign?
  9. Hi Sudipto, I am also in the same situation. Did you hear anything else from the embassy? Any updates?
  10. Here's my experience in doing a dropbox for H1-B at New Delhi. Drop box date: Oct 15 2018 Case created: Oct 16 2018 Case update to Administrative Processing: Oct 17 2018 No update until now and it is very frustrating since they have not asked for any additional documents. Any idea of how long it will take to get my passport with the stamp back? Thanks.