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  1. Hello, I am looking for some suggestions on H1B Visa Stamping and new H4 Visa for my Husband. I got my H1B Extension Approved and I am planning to go to India in January for my marriage I have Dropbox eligibility to get H1B Visa Stamping. Moreover, I should get my husbands H4 Visa Stamping also after marriage. So can anyone please let me know if it is better to opt for Dropbox for me or to go to interview along with my husband. Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. moulika

    H1B Transfer

    Hi, Thanks a lot for responding to my questions, your suggestions will help me a lot.
  3. Hello, I am currently working full-time with Employer A and contractor with Employer B as Software Developer. Recently my H1B is approved with Employer A from Oct'18 to Oct'19 and are ready to file my GC on EB3. On top of this, my Employer B offered me full time. I am in dilemma with a lot of questions about whether to accept the offer or not. Can you please help me to take a decision. 1. What would be the maximum period taken for H1B transfer? 2. As I have approved H1B only for one year how will my transfer and extension be impacted? Can the transfer and extension go parallelly? 3. Can I go to India between June-August for my marriage during these processes? 4. When the H1B transfer is in progress can I go to India for visa stamping in Jan? Thanks a lot in advance.