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  1. Hi, Thank you for replying on this topic and guiding me in right directions. I will do the needful.
  2. VicksB

    Experience for EB2

    Hi, could you clarify the comment that "new position job duties should be atleast 50% different from your current job duties". What does it mean? in my case, I am have worked with my employer for 2 years before they have started applying PERM , should this job duties differnt from my previous employer(of 6 years?)
  3. Hi All, My employer has just started my PERM filing and I am in the process of submitting the documents. Regarding the work experience, I have came across a minor confusion. I need to provide addresses and phone numbers of all my ex-employers and #1. One of my ex-employer has moved completely to a new address and hence their current address doesn't match with the address mention in my experience letter given by them when I left the organization. So, what address should I put now? Current Address Or "the address in the experience letter" ? #2. One of my ex-employer has been acquired by a bigger company and hence this employer doesn't exists with that name . So, shall I put the new company name which acquired my company ? But, in that case my experience letter employer name will not match this new employer name. Please suggest solutions for above 2 confusions.