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  1. h1stamping_canada

    Is it advisable to change job on EAD?

    PD = Aug 2009 EB3 India I-485 filed = Sept 2019 EAD/AP received = Feb 2020 Is it advisable to change job using this new EAD even if its going to take another year to get I-485 approved (looking at the speed at which the dates are moving every month)? Has anyone changed jobs at this stage of green card? What was your experience? Are there any international travel restrictions once Travel Document is received? I've valid visa in my passport till end of the year.
  2. h1stamping_canada

    Visa Stamping Ottawa Passport Return Wait Time

    It usually takes 3-5 business days to get any email from the Canada Post.
  3. h1stamping_canada

    EB3-India October 2019 visa bulletin

    My PD is in Sept 2009. As per Oct 2019 visa bulletin, 01-FEB-10 is the Date for Filing for EB3-India. I'm hoping I can file my I-485 next month. Can some one confirm please? How long does it take to get the GC once I-485 is filed?
  4. Here was my wife's experience. Day 1: Bio metrics appointment Day 2: Consulate interview: No documents were asked other than what was asked before entering the consulate. NO questions asked. Day 4: Online status changed to Issued Day 6: Received call from the courier company to pick up the passport Day 7: Passport picked up from the courier company office
  5. My wife will be appearing for H4 visa interview at US consulate, Mumbai. How long does it take to get the passport back after successful interview?
  6. h1stamping_canada

    Any issues for H4 stamping?

    I was with employer A and got the H1b stamped in the passport till end of next year. I later changed to employer B and my petition is approved till 2022. My wife is traveling to India and needs to appear for H4 stamping. Is it going to be a problem as my passport is not stamped with my new employer petition? Also, I have only 1 paycheck with current employer so far, as I just joined new company.
  7. h1stamping_canada

    Successful H1b stamping in Ottawa,Canada

    Here is my recent H1b stamping experience. Appointment on MOnday 1/28 8 AM: No documents asked other than I-797. Generic questions like, where do you work, salary, highest education, etc. Tuesday 1/29: Email received from US embassy at 3 PM saying the documents have been returned. Same evening, got email from Canada Post with shipping details. Wednesday 1/30: Email received at 9:30 AM from Canada Post to pickup passport. Overall, great experience. Just relax and make sure you carry all the documents with you. Good luck to all.
  8. I've been checking this forum to see if there are any delays associated with govt shutdown, especially, in Canada, processing the visa applications. Does anyone has any first hand experience? How long is it taking to get the passport back after the interview is over?
  9. h1stamping_canada

    H1B stamping in Canada

    If there are delays in Canada, why no one is posting the experiences in the forum?
  10. h1stamping_canada

    Anyone looking for accomodation at Ottawa on Nov 19th 2018

    Can you share your experience? Did you receive your passport back?
  11. h1stamping_canada

    Passport pickup timeline - Ottawa

    Couple years ago, it used to take 3 business days to get the passport back from the Canada Post office in Ottawa; Monday - Visa Interview, Thursday - passport pickup. What is the current timeline to pickup the passport after stamping in Ottawa, if anybody has any first hand experience. Will help in booking the flight tickets and hotel.