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    H1b Amendment

    Hello everyone , i have a stamped H1b visa from 2017 oct to July 2019 which got stamped for Stamford location . I some how couldn’t travel because of projects issue . Now that I got project they asked me to file amendment on Sep 18 2018 but came to know that uscis portal premium processing is freezes till Feb 2019 . In mean while I got new offer from reputed bank now I’m confused stage to decide . Visa stamped location > Stamford Connecticut new lca location > West Point PA Incase amendment filed in Feb 2019 April if I come to know results I would be left with 3 months left for petition to expire please suggest me if I need to wait for five more months for the amendment to file and wait for results or to move on in India with new offer ( joining date is nov 12 ) please let me know from Chances of amendment approval ( currently I’m working in US based service provider MNC) thanks in advance and much appreciated !!