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    F2-F1 Change of Status

    On F-2 visa, the candidate can register for a maximum of 8 credits. Since most graduate courses are 3 credits, maximum of 2 courses can be done in a semester.
  2. welcome2019

    F2-F1 Change of Status

    I am currently on an F-2(dependent visa) and pursuing my Masters. My husband, currently on an F-1 visa is currently on OPT-Stem extension which is valid till May-2022, and so my visa validity is also till May-2022. I would like to convert my visa from F-2(dependent) to F1(Full-time student) visa. I would like to know which one of the following options would be the best for me. 1) Stay in the USA and apply for a Change-Of-Status(COS), from F2 to F1 visa 2) Talk to my school to generate an F-1 I-20, travel to my home country, book an appointment with US Consulate for F-1 visa and if approved come back on F1. Question – Assuming I take up option 2(applying for a fresh F1 visa), in case my F-1 application gets denied, is there a chance my current F-2 visa also could get denied?