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    2nd DWI on Greencard process

    I do have a lawyer and he is company lawyer so I haven't told him yet about the second one but he knows about the first one. I still need to let him know about it for sure which I am gonna do. But not sure if it is a good idea to mention about AA and all those character letters right now with I-485 application upfront. Will it make it look like I am focusing more on my drinking if I do so? Or wait and see the response from USCIS first and what they say for further evidence? Is it better idea to show everything upfront and all the positive steps I am doing to get back on track or is it better to just wait and let them ask for further evidence and mention about AA and all when they ask and not to volunteer focusing on alcohol issue at all? The first one I had restricted license to and from work driving only with couple classes taken, no jail time. The second one which is currently on probation its reduced to Suspended Imposition of sentence with about a week of house arrests, no jail time and also it will get off my record after probation, so it won't be counted as DWI in domestic laws meaning won't show up in my history for job background check and other but for immigration purpose, its always there since I pleaded guilty. And there is no DL suspension.
  2. I have 2 DWI's on my record, one from 2014 and another is currently on probation. My company has filed I-140 and its in process and I am about to file I-485 Adjustment of Status. I am doing everything possible from my side to amend all my past mistakes and go to Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meetings regularly since more than 9 months now. After being sober for these times, I realized that I don't have physical dependency on alcohol. I was thinking to provide some character letters from my sponsor at the AA meeting along court documents and other regular initial evidence documents for the filing of I-485. I read that multiple DWI's specifically CIMT can make you inadmissible to United States and my application can be denied and I could be put into removal proceedings but both of mine are only DWI's and not CIMT. USCIS also states that you can be inadmissible if you are found to have alcoholism or dependency which I don't think I do. I am worried if it is a good idea to submit the character letters from my sponsor in AA meeting or even mention about AA at all while submitting the application. I heard there is a waiver for inadmissibility in case you are found to have alcohol dependency. Is it a good idea to submit that character letter from my sponsor or mention about AA and state what all am I doing to correct my mistakes and get my life back together or will it backfire against me and make me inadmissible? I am just stressed out so much what would be the better thing to do in my case. I would really appreciate if anyone has gone through similar situation.