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  1. Hi, Pls let me know If anyone recently traveled to Bahamas from Jacksonville port? Does your I94 got updated while up or down? Thanks
  2. harsh12

    Travel to Bahamas with short visa validity

    Thanks. I got your point.
  3. harsh12

    Travel to Bahamas with short visa validity

    Thanks for your suggestion.
  4. harsh12

    Travel to Bahamas with short visa validity

    My I94 and Visa stamping both will expire on Sep 10th and I'll be travelling to Bahamas on Aug 25th to 30th via closed loop. My extn mostly going to be filled in Aug 1st week. So in this case still I'll be am out of status?
  5. I have a stamped H1B visa valid till Sept. 10th and I have planned a vacation to Bahamas via cruise between Aug 25th - 30th. So while returning to USA at POE can there be any issues as I'll have only 10days of validity remaining? I'll be submitting my case for extension mostly in August 1st week, thus want to be sure if a foreign travel can have any negative impact while my case is pending? Thanks
  6. harsh12

    RFE- Employee-Employer Relationship

    Yes, attorney is working on this however I just wanted to know are there any additional documents to be added from my end to make the case strong.
  7. harsh12

    RFE- Employee-Employer Relationship

    Hello I got RFE (Employee-Employer Relationship). Actually I have already submitted all documents like Client letter, SOW, WO, Payslips, Offer letter so what could be the reason and how to respond (with what else more documents to submit)? TIA --Thanks