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  1. Jay2021

    Moving back to US in L1A but with I140

    You wont be able to since for the new employer you would not have met the requirements for EB1. I am also in similar situation as yours. Have you already got the L1A? Was your H1 cancelled by the consulate during the visa interview? If so was is before or after the L1A decision? Appreciate if you could share your email so that we can connect.
  2. Jay2021

    L1 continuous employment

    I have been working in Canada from past 1 year. 4 months ago I traveled from India to Cananda via connecting flight from USA. I used my currently stamped H1B visa for transiting at the PoE in US airport and took the flight from US to Canada in 2/3 hours. Now I am applying for L1A visa. My question is will this transit conflict with 1 year outside employment rule for L1A. Please help.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I read somewhere that one is allowed to have 2 visas of different categories hence thought that are they going to cancel H1 visa in L1 stamping.
  4. Thanks...will they cancel even in case the new visa is not granted?
  5. Does existing unexpired stamped H1B visa get cancelled by VO if I apply new L1A blanket for the same employer. I am working out of Canada. My H1B is valid until dec 2019 but my employer want me to apply L1A. Any experience by others for the same scenario.